Picking Up A Few Things (shopping list challenge)

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I pushed the cart up and down the aisles. No one bothered me as I picked up garlic cloves for my famous garlic bread.

I was going camping and stopped in the outdoor section and grabbed a spade, package of wooden tent stakes, some long rope, and oil lantern, and a shovel.

Then I stopped by automotive to grab a gas can because you never know when you might need it.

I veered to kitchen supplies and picked up matches, a cleaver, and a knife sharpener.

I suddenly remembered my mother’s birthday and grabbed a silver cross necklace.

And finally, I had to backtrack across the store, which I hate doing, to grab a box of band-aids, because camping is rough sometimes.

The young cashier surprised me when I was ready to pay for my things by saying, “Have you seen Twilight? You know, vampires may not be so stereotypical.”

“Uh, thanks for the tip?” I paid for my things and scratched my head. Teenagers these days! They are so unpredictable. I don’t think I’ll figure them out. I guess I’m too old.

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  1. Avatar ALRO613 (LoA)

    Are there bonus points for the “Twilight” reference. LOL
    Pretty funny..

  2. Avatar Nymphaea Rose

    lol I agree with ALRO. Loved the Twilight thing added with it.

  3. Avatar OrangeOreos (LoA)

    Psh. Twilight… Ruining vampires since 2005.

    But, that aside, I loved the oblivious protagonist.

  4. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Aww, thanks everyone! I threw that in there so those who didn’t pick up on the garlic and tent stakes (like the protagonist) might get it by the end.
    poor protagonist, so oblivious!

  5. Avatar Eloquent Mess {(LoA)}

    Silly teenagers and their “sparkly” pseudovampires. They know nothing of the crunch!

    Wonderful story, I love it.

  6. Avatar Ridcully Calvert

    I liked this list, but it wasn’t as totally awesome as your other one. The idea is definitely still worth five pencils, though