Called to the Principal's Office

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Ah, Clint come in please. You can shut the door.

Now you may or may not know why I called you in here. I must inform you that your actions today will influence my decision whether or not to call your parents and tell them why you are wasting their well earned $55,000 a year on this institution.

Your teachers and roommates have lodged several complaints. We at Chapley Hall are future captains of industry, men of power and action.

We are not, and I quote:

Gilligan’s brother
Half bird
A mutant with the ability to catch on fire by eating sunflower seeds
We are not sunflower seeds

Am I getting through to you?

We men of Chapley do not also:

Have the ability to fly after eating beans
We do not have secret Mongolian Kings as father’s

We are not fanciful.

Mr. Clint, all that you have done at this institution is create fancy and fantastical. I hereby am placing you on probation until you appear to have remorse for all the above and painting the words, “Captain Hamburger” on all your uniforms.

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  1. Avatar gĀ²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    As serious as this is supposed to be, I couldn’t help but smirk with this one. If the kid’s got the guts to (apparently) paint “Captain Hamburger” on his uniforms, he’s most certainly not going to show remorse for that (or any of the above) anytime soon. I just hope he runs away before they punish him further… I’d hate to think about that.

    Thanks for entering!

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