New Skin

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It was time.

Sana stood naked in the moonlight, her pale skin made silver. Her long red hair spilled down her back. She remembered when she had seen it for the first time, how it had reminded her of autumn. She would miss that the most.

As the moon neared its pinnacle, her skin began to ripple then writhe. Sana closed her eyes as cracks formed and grew. Within a few minutes great patches of her skin were falling to the forest floor as new skin pushed through. Sana cried out as her face fell away to be replaced by features she would not recognise.

It was all over in less than ten minutes. Sana slumped to the ground, exhausted by the process. She looked at her arms which were now covered in skin the colour of coffee. Her short hair was black, disappointing after her blazing red. After a while she stood up and walked away.

In nine months she would be back and the cycle would begin again.

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  1. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Very cool. It’s interesting that this is a 9-month cycle, like gestation and birth.

  2. Avatar JC Tovil

    I agree, love the 9 month cycle!
    This would be intersting to sequel with many different lives!

  3. Avatar southsideof10

    I really got into this one. I almost hoped you weren’t going to go the direction you did because the first few lines hatched a similar idea in my mind. Guess that’s the way it goes with good story ideas.

    Overall, I love this story, although the last line is a little ‘on the nose’ and overly expository. Maybe a little more vagueness would help keep the feel of the story going through the last line.

  4. Avatar Paige Elizabeth

    This was very good. A very literal interpretation of the challenge and yet still very interesting to read. A great premise for a longer story too. Well done!

  5. Avatar cthulhuburger

    I love this story on its own. To me, its strength is in its completeness. No need for sequels in my humble opinion. Well done!

  6. Avatar Concerned Reader

    As good an interpretation as any! you got the point across, and told the story well.

  7. Avatar thelostgirl

    Thanks you guys :)

  8. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    this is a good stand alone, however, there is a lot of story missing, and it deserves a prequel and sequel. What did she do as a red head, and what shall she do now as a dark woman? What purpose is there in molting like this? :)

  9. Avatar southsideof10

    I would have to disagree about the prequel/sequel talk. We all may think that we want to know more, but the wanting is the beauty. Often, when given the thing we want we find ourselves disappointed with further explanation. I advocate that this be left to stand alone as a wonderful singular story that allows the reader to dream up whatever they may.

  10. Avatar SandwichMaker

    A beautiful short story. It’s very visual, like I can picture it unfolding in vibrant paintings.

  11. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    I do think it deserves a prequel/sequel. It could be made even more beautiful. It’s still stunning with the open end: what is she? How did she come to be? et cetera, et cetera…. Very interesting <3

  12. Avatar thelostgirl

    Well guys, quit talking about it and get writing! If you you want a prequel/sequel you’ll have to do it yourselves ;)
    Besides, I’d love to see what you’d all come up with.

  13. Avatar boxofun

    Very cool! Love it.

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