In my heaven

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I’m sitting up here in my heaven, and through the wafting smoke and flames you look up to say “all is right with the world.” From within your ashen houses, shielded from the wasteland that’s become of my creation, you turn your backs on me. It makes me wonder where it all when wrong.

And yet I know the answer. It all links back to one decision. A single choice that spawned many.

You chose to ravage the earth I entrusted to your care.
You chose to kill the creatures I left for you to safeguard.
You chose to burn the land, air and sea.
You chose war and wealth over my forgiveness and grace.
You chose to follow the desires of flesh, and not of the spirit.
You chose to disregard my laws.

But none of those choices are the source of my sorrow.
Even before this day, there were choices made.
Cain chose to murder Abel.
Adam and Eve chose to fall into temptation.
Adam and Eve chose to break my heart.

But that was not the first choice. No, the first choice was mine and mine alone.

I chose to give you free will.

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  1. Avatar Kihd

    Whoa, creepy. But in a very good way. I love the repitition in the middle, it gives the piece a sort of poetic feel. Thanks for entering!

  2. Avatar JC Tovil

    Oh the sadness. I feel the sorrow, the burden. Great work.

  3. Avatar Robert Quick

    (TFB-01-3 points) – Well written with voice of a resigned and saddened god. I like it a little bit more because clearly this was not “all part of the plan”, freewill threw a wrench into it which makes freewill a little more “free”. As far as constructive criticism goes, I’d probably alter either of the Adam/Eve statements to give them more individuality. Still good stuff. Cheers!