You Are God

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As the title states, you are God. Maybe it’s the apocalypse, maybe some bio-war. The main objective is to write (in first person, with YOU being God) about watching the Earth go through some destruction, while you watch from the heavens. Heck, maybe YOU caused the dilemma on Earth. Just do your best on how you think it would feel to watch your creation fall to pieces.

  • Started September 10th, 2010.
  • Ended September 24th, 2010.
  • Created by Kihd

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Challenge has ended


  1. Avatar Kihd

    Your story was pretty epic, so sure!

  2. Avatar Jessica Cahill

    My destruction is a little more subtle than a nuke or whatever, but I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this! Thanks. :)

  3. Avatar Kihd


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