Martin, the Violin Guy

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My name is Martin, and I have superpowers. Yes, I do, I’m not kidding. I’m a superhero, and like most superheroes, I keep my identity concealed. I bet your looking doubtfully at your screen, thinking, ‘Yeah right. The guy that plays the violin?’

Yes, I play the violin. It’s just my thing. You might find it nerdy, you might call me ‘gay’, but I’m a superhero.

I can fly without wings, as far as the moon. I can change shape, into anything I want. Thats why I look a little shorter than the other boys my age. That’s why I have permanent acne and a messy tangle of hair. It’s inconspicuous. Who would suspect I? Martin, the violin guy.

I have the ability to make any girl fall in love with me, but that can be a problem, because they get shy and don’t often talk to me. I can play beautiful music to lure in the bad guys, but the room is always full of witnesses. You can’t know what its like to have to hide your super-strength from those rough lads from St. Matthew’s. If only they knew that I’m actually a superhero.

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  1. Avatar Oy

    Poor Martin!

  2. Avatar jesteram

    This is pretty heartbreaking…

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