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I looked directly into his eyes. Standing close to him, the boy looked like he could have been 20 years old. “What kind of city kid doesn’t know how to walk properly?” He asked me. I didn’t answer. “You left your bag in the restaurant. Be more careful.” He told me coldly.
He handed me the bag and walked away. “Wait!” Sandra squeaked. “Look we’re lost a little and we don’t know where to go. Please help us.” She asked.
I glared at her. For all we knew, those boys could have been psychopaths.
“Where do you need to go?” The boy asked. We both were silent.
“I knew it, they’re runaways” Brendin said. He was very observant. “No, we’re not!” I lied.
“Follow us, unwanteds” Brendin said sarcastically. I didn’t like him. He was nosy, and goofy.
“Mom would like to meet these kids. She loves runaways.” I heard Brendin say to the other boy.
“Fine. We’ll take them to meet mom, but afterward we drive them home” He said. “What is you’re name?” I asked the boy. “Shawn” He answered. Shawn.. I liked that name…

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Suddenly, one of the boys came over to our table. “Hello, excuse me Miss, I’ll pay for these young kids right here.” He sai...

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