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Sandra and I followed the boys into the small, but neat apartment. It was weird to think that the two boys were brothers. Then, I came to the conjecture that they were foster brothers. “Mom, we’re home!” Brendin yelled. Suddenly, a small Spanish woman with straight reddish-brownish hair fluttered down the steps.
“What?” She answered. “Mom, we’ve got some runaways” Brendin told her. I wished that he’d shut his big mouth.
“Oh! Well get’em something to eat, I’m a little busy, right now!” She told them. Then, she walked up to me and Sandra. I had to look down to see her eyes. “Hello, who might you be?” She asked me.
“……My name is Tony and this is Cassie.” I told her.
“Well, you’re welcome to stay here, children.” She said smiling. “Mandy! Come meet our guests.” She yelled. Suddenly, small black haired girl appeared in the doorway.
“Maria, Who are they?” She asked. “They are guests, so why don’t you introduce yourself” Maria suggested. The girl ran back upstairs.
Despite that introduction they were nice.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Okay, it’s a nice portrait of an accepting family with what seems like a no-nonsense mom. You really need to set it off as a new paragraph when a different person speaks. That whole last paragraph is really hard to read and follow. You might want to double check your grammar rules for quotation marks.

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I looked directly into his eyes. Standing close to him, the boy looked like he could have been 20 years old. “What kind of city kid doe...

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