"We're going to have a baby."

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Harlan smiled beatifically at his family. One inside the other, both alive. Both kicking. I am the shore, he thought, on which this detritus has arrived. His teeth were bared. He displayed as much of his skull as was possible without parting his skin. Memento Mori. Rictus grin.

He grimaced, unseen unheard; we’re crazed biologists, tiny gods, spitting life into pelvic Petri dishes without even thinking.

An accidental life. Existence boiled down to a minor tragedy of regrowth and recycle (and, please no, rebirth).

She sniffed, as if she were the one hurt, pulled back and peered up through her curls. Oh god, incubator of life, impish divine, woman that I have loved, say it ain’t so.

“We’re going to be parents, Harlan.” No. We are monsters, escaped from some lesser Olympus, the mutant inbred shovelware of idiot mortals.

I am post-modern Prometheus and my cock is aflame.

He converted his laughter into smiles and pretty words.

He howled and beat the walls in a wordless rage. But nobody saw, nobody heard.

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  1. Avatar Spiderj

    Something slightly more rambling than my output from the last couple of days. An extract from the life of Harlan Actual, a man lost in the 21st century.

    I’m not sure exactly what classifies as ‘mature’ but if anyone thinks that metaphorically flaming penises do, I’ll make sure to add a mature tag.

  2. Avatar jesteram

    Rambling story apparently gets a rambling comment, too. I liked the language here a lot, but left feeling a bit confused about this guy not liking the pregnancy. Pros: Prometheus reference, “detritus.” Cons: “shovelware” feels out of place, overall huh?

  3. Avatar Spiderj

    I think you may be right on “shovelware”. I like to mash together words from all over the lexicon to see how they rub against one another. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.

  4. Avatar J.M.V.

    I like the rambling tone. It’s not clear how he feels about the pregnancy, which is spot on in my opinion.

    I get the impression that the protagonist is educated. I imagine a young bohemian of sorts, probably with a pony tail.

    I was unsure about the language until I got to “I am post-modern Prometheus and my cock is aflame.” It’s just the right mix of classical reference, contemporary philosophy, and irreverence to fit the sort of man I suppose the narrator to be.

    I agree about “shovelware” I’m not sure if it’s too recent, too technical, too specialized, or used by too specific a group, but it just doesn’t fit.

  5. Avatar Lady Bug

    This is amazing. I am in love with your line about spitting life into pelvic petri dishes. Keep it up love.

  6. Avatar Andrew Sheffield

    As a fellow Crazed Biologist I like it.

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