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He always said all the right things. It was like he had a user’s manual to my personality quirks. When I was being coy, he told me I was sexy. When I am petulant and peevish, he tells me to chill, and sometimes covers for my ill humor, saving my bacon.

It’s not that we never fight. Sometimes I take things so personally, like a quick sign-off, or a comment typed on my work, and he always apologizes whether he needs to or not.

He runs me through the wringer, too. There were days when he was so upset with me, or when life handed him a truckload of lemons, that I cried myself to sleep.

No one can possibly understand this relationship until they’ve had one just like it. I’ve never met him in person. He lives hundreds of miles away. But the internet has forged a bond between us that no mere hobby organization nor chance meeting in a college course or Starbucks could ever have made.

There is only one word for this. I am InChatuated with him. Highs and lows, good or bad, I’m riding this relationship to the end.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Cute new word for the digital age. A little loose on tense, between “When I was being…” and the rest being solidly present tense. It’s semi-justifiable, but I think it would read more consistently with those two lines in present tense as well. Great idea, situation, and new vocabulary word.

    Although, I think the movie ‘Bambi’ predicted a similar phenomenon a long time ago—‘Twitterpated’.

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    haha, very true! I was working with tense and I left it earlier, but it was in later paragraphs. I shall ammend it now I think.

  3. Avatar Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    This is the sweetest thing ever elsha you are a saint.

  4. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    One of the best things about writing is coining new words. :)

  5. Avatar Tina Murphy

    Having been “InChatuated” a few times myself I think you have spawned new verbiage my chat friends and I will understand.

  6. Avatar zxvasdf

    Just popping in to give you a solid 5 out of 5

  7. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    Wow. Sounds like one of my imaginary relationships.

    Very nice, Elsha.

  8. Avatar Kihd

    Sorry it took me so long to comment on something in my own challenge! I partially agree with the usage of the tenses, but I don’t feel like it detracted from the story that much.
    I really like it. It paints a very realistic relationship, with the highs and the lows. It’s very enjoyable!

  9. Avatar Tad Winslow

    I love it, Elsha. <3 So well written and real.

  10. Avatar Radical Yellow Duck


  11. Avatar 32 Squared

    I’m in the chat room chatting off, don’t bother me.