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The sky was orange above them. Smoke drifted slowly across the green hills. He could see the ruins of the city in the distance, towering buildings pitted with gaping holes like swiss cheese. Fires still raged in a few isolated areas but most were black and silent.

They had crossed the battlefield that had once been home, avoiding the creatures that had descended from the sky. Working their way westward, looting what they could, hiding in abandoned houses and barns, they had survived when others fell.

“I love you. Just do it,” she whispered, her chocolate eyes pleading for release.

The aliens had decimated the entire city and were systematically wiping out the survivors wherever they found them. There was no reasoning with the strange pink skinned bipeds. The only thing they could hope to do was escape by any means possible.

Jopa caressed Lotil’s green skin with his flipper.

“I love you too.” His swinging axe finally meeting her neck.

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  1. Avatar zxvasdf

    Nice twist… We are Them.

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Heartbreaking, even without the twist. The idea of suicide as escape from seemingly insurmountable odds is a tough one, reasonable on the one hand, but regrettable on the other. I actually had a patient get really freaked by watching a movie that feature it. Nicely done, holding the twist until the end as you did without being obtuse.

  3. Avatar smdasilva {LoA}

    I actually wasn’t planning on the twist but when I went to lunch I saw a sign selling fireplaces I think that had those names or something similar. It just clicked that I could throw that twist in :)

  4. Avatar 32 Squared

    This scares me, the alien invaders could be Humans. Nice story. Good Job.

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