The Girl Speaks (Superhero Black Hole: part 17)

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What is going on,” I ask in the speakthink way I have to talk in here.

The Girl steps out from the darkness, into my line of vision.
Her face is calm, but her eyes betray her. It’s not an evil look, exactly…but it’s not a look that provides comfort, either.

You’re dead”.

Her voice is smooth. Sultry, even.
Doesn’t stop the fact she’s just told me I’m DEAD.

How can I be? And even if I was, how am I talking?

None of this makes any fucking sense. But it’s not a private thought – she hears it, and the corner of her lips curve into a smirk.

This is the Inbetween, as I call it. This is where you come when you’re not exactly alive anymore…but not exactly dead, either.

So this is Limbo? Why am I tied up? Who are you? Why are you always lurking around?!

My inability to differentiate between speakthinking and thinking proper is driving me mad.

So many questions. Problem is, the answers will lead to further questions, and then we’ll never get to where we need to go…

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  1. Avatar Abstract

    OK, I’m going to delete the other sequel I wrote and make it sequel this instead.

  2. Avatar Abstract

    I like the POV work here, especially working in her responses to his thought processes.

    I get a mental image of her emergence being like Beau Garrett’s reveal in TRON: Legacy, except that I keep thinking that this girl is in a red dress (I think it was due to the description of her voice as “sultry” and the movie-theater setting).

  3. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Wicked good fun. Cool to see you two doing a coop story. Thanks for the ‘thinkspeak’ reference to get me up to speed. Very fun, and the female character is intriguing.

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