Premonitionised (Superhero Black Hole: part 21)

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The screen flickers white.
The countdown from 5 to the film’s beginning passes.
The lines and moldspots and cigarette burns momentarily crowd the screen, then disappear.

And then…

an image.

A multitude of images, one after another after another.

An image of myself.

Of myself lying on the ground.

Icy ground.

The ice reflects a flickering light.

I’m unconscious.
My head is bruised, cut and bloodied.

My facial muscles twitch of their own accord.

Blood surrounds me.

Most of it is not mine.

Tendrils of fuel mix and mingle with the blood.

Fuel spills from an upside-down car.

A woman and a baby lie on the upside-down roof.

Multiple vehicles lie tossed across the road’s thin ice sheen.

Flames crackle and lick the night sky.

A man with glass in his face soundlessly screams.

A deer darts fearfully across the scene.

Fire quickly crawls my way via its trail through the blood.

My eyes open as the fire engulfs me


As you wish…

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Well that was horrific. I intentionally left it to one of you to fill in what the film would be, and oh what a job of it you did. Horrendous but tense, taught, and engaging. Minor tweak, ‘through’ twice in the same sentence could do with a substitution. Very exciting scene, and I liked the deer for some reason.

  2. Avatar Abstract

    Ah, so the car crash did happen after all…

    The imagery in this one was sufficiently vivid that I mentally watched this movie as I read. I felt as if I were actually in the theater.

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