Aftermath, Before Another (part 23)

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I awoke.

My lungs gasped for air.

Pain everywhere.

I couldn’t think for the pain.

Aches, stabbings, stingings, all kinds of pain.

Pain, pain, fucking PAIN.

Breathing harsh, quick breaths in and out of the icy air—

(smoking imaginary cigarettes, passing them to my school chums)

—I looked to my right.

The 4×4 had left deep grooves in the road from where it had screeched to a standstill. The male driver—

(a man with glass in his face soundlessly screamed)

—was visibly shaken.

Then it hit me. A painless, but nonetheless heartstopping, metaphorical realisation hit me this time.

The pile-up hadn’t happened yet.

I still had time.

But how much?

With a loud gasp and grunt of pain, I lifted my wrist to check my watch.


That meant I still had 41 minutes before the pile-up!

Except…I didn’t.

I had interfered with the course of events.

I had messed things up…again.

But now, it was on a much larger scale.

And it was at that moment that the lorry collided with the immobile 4×4...

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Ew, time travel gone horribly, horribly wrong. Confusing, but I think it works, both for the story overall and his current state. Amazing where this story has gone, thanks to you and Abstract.

  2. Avatar J. A. Keane

    I know, it’s amazing, innit?
    I mean, when I first started the story, I hadn’t really got a clue where the story might go. I knew what the power would be, and the limitations of it, and the character’s way of talking about it. I just pictured him as being like you or me – a regular guy caught up in something really frakkin’ weird.
    Then you added to the story last year, and with your help, we carved a path for the story that I never could’ve imagined.
    For a while, though, I lost touch with Ficly and went on to other things…
    …but then Mr. Abstract came along and discovered the story, and now thanks to him, the story is even more interesting, even longer, and a lot more popular with fellow Ficly-teers than it was last year.
    So, yeah…it’s amazing, really…


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