Fetus' Tale

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“They used a satelite com to stop the hover taxi in mid air. It crashed, knocking my parents out, making them easy to pick up an carry off. I was already a pretty accomplished hacker, and was able to find the hovercraft security video file in the supercomputer in ShuttleCentral.”

A whistle escaped my lips before I could stop it. Acrylic grinned like a proud papa and the girl paused only long enough to open one of the implant circles on her arm. She pulled out a small flash drive and plugged it into a tiny remote, then clicked the tv screen on. A video played silently of her parent’s capture. You could hear a pin drop in the den.

“I knew I had to hack MegaCorp. When I tried, I hit all kinds of interference, walls, and dead ends. Until I found someone trying to signal OUT.”

“Acrylic?” I guessed. She gave the tiniest nod.

“I asked him to let me in, he in turn asked me to help him escape. We settled on a distraction allowing him to attempt an escape, and I accessed to my parent’s files. They were dead.”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Dramatic, tight, and I like the little bits of interaction along the way. You guys are doing a great job of keeping the back story and exposition light and moving.

    Typo—you missed a past tense in the second to last sentence, ‘access’ should be ‘accessed’.

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    thanks! fixed. :)

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