We Now Interrupt Your Regularly-Scheduled Programming…Sort Of

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I pushed past Hard Drive, Acrylic and Fetus in tow, and quickly made my way into the short corridor that led to the Council Room. The thick, rectangular metal door was a drab grey-green; I burst it open, emerging in the midst of the current meeting.

I made to speak, but C:\ had preëmpted me with an outstretched hand. The other Council members were all there, arranged in a broad arc facing C:\—Virus, Shortcut, Daemon, Readout, Beghilos, Taskman, Scroll, and Locke.

Virus was making some sort of fuss over the iced weapon proceeds in her usual impassioned style. I fidgeted, feeling rather embarrassed. I stole a glance at Acrylic, who was silently enduring the debate, his jaw indicating what was either mild annoyance, eagerness, or some combination of the two; Fetus was being her usual unemotional self.

C:\ called the vote; it ended up 7-1. Shortcut, as per usual, was the lone holdout.

“And now, Elsha,” C:\ addressed, “it’s nice to see you’re back…but who are your friends, and what’s your business here?”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Nice to see that even in the dystopian future petty squabbles remain as vibrant as they every are. Nice moment you’ve described here and really sets the stage for the discussion to surely follow.

  2. Avatar thebetweenspace

    I love the names. The story just keeps getting richer.

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