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“A virtual curtain had inadvertently been revoked,” Acrylic explained, “and I seized the opportunity to ambulate around the inner workings of the MegaCorp systems. I was appalled beyond words. At this point, there was no uncertainty in my convictions.” He leaned in and placed his palms on the table. “Escape was imperative. Fortunately, when I prepared a message in a bottle, there was someone on the other side who managed to uncork it; namely, Fetus.”

“I’d been looking for an in to the system because MegaCorp had my parents killed,” Fetus explained. “With a few choice weapons, I helped break Acrylic out. From that point on we spent the next couple of months hacking into MegaCorp’s systems, looking at what they were doing.”

“Our reconnaissance demanded that action be undertaken,” Acrylic responded, “but it was not within the capabilities of ours alone to bring down MEPHISTO. Outside assistance was required. We therefore began to actively scout for candidates.”

“Candidates like us,” countered Virus.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Even if you just click on this one, you can read it and understand this one chunk.. we are ficly pros! yay! go us!

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