Dreams Ended By Memories

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Adrenaline coursing, I sat, a permanent smile on my face, taking in every word of praise from my fans. My hand had long passed cramping and was going numb with every signature I penned inside the covers, across posters, on the fans themselves.. This was by far the largest book signing I’d had.

I was glad I was not claustrophobic, because the press of bodies was intense, the cacophony of sound as much a wall as the mass of fans. Some had been in line for 45 minutes, they said, sweating over their smiles, overjoyed to make small talk with me.

And who was I but a lowly midwestern writer who had never seen the ocean, never flown in a plane before this book?

As each face began to blend into the other, I noticed a commotion. I ignored it, knowing the bookstore had provided staff for arguments. Keep the event light and cheery. I focused on the young face before me.

Then a loud yell. A smack on the table. The crowd went silent.

“You stole my memories!” screamed my main character, the spitting image of her.

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  1. Avatar Oy

    I wonder how your main character managed to hear of the story, and travel to yell at you. Of course, if you wrote that down, they’d get even more pissed…

  2. Avatar Sanglorian

    I was holding out for a twist, because the piece was (necessarily) bland and pedestrian before it. But you didn’t disappoint! I’d love to know where this story goes.

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    When I read the challenge, this is what came to mind. Sort of a twist on the writer who profits off of another’s newsworthy story, or an overheard screenplay idea, only the magic is in the writer in this case not realizing they were someone else’s memories. I have not direction after this.. so if anyone wants to continue, go for it!

  4. Avatar astronouth7303

    I would happily sequel it, but alas. I have not found the direction either.

  5. Avatar boxofun

    Great twist! I loved it! I wonder what might happen next.