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“So, how have you been, son?”

fucking horrible “Fine, dad.”

“Good, I’m glad you’re doing well. You’ve not been having any more… impure thoughts?”

every fucking day “Uhm. No, Dad.”

“We are all sinners, son. But guilt and shame are your friends; you can use them to keep yourself clean.”

I don’t believe in that anymore “I know, Dad. I understand.”

“With God’s help, of course.”

I don’t believe in him either "Do we have to talk about this now?

“Have you been praying?”

fuck no “Of course, Dad. Every day.”

“That’s the spirit. Listen, I know you still think we were a little hard on you…”

You destroyed me you fucking dirtbag! Do you have any idea what you took from me? “No Dad, it’s fine.”

“No, I want to say this. I just want you to know that God disciplines those he loves the hardest. He loves you. And so do I.”

I know. And I love you too “Thanks Dad. I love you, too.”

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  1. Avatar Nancy

    Thank you for participating… great piece and an interesting take on the rule.

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Ah, the way we censor ourselves. Rather than write an embarrassing scene, you went for the honest truth in how we say ‘fine’ when we mean ‘not good’.
    Sadly, I think many a similar conversation is occurring in homes around the Western Hemisphere. Part of me wants to debate with the dad.

  3. Avatar boxofun

    Very interesting idea and a touching story. Excellent! I hope he’ll be all right,

  4. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    I was not expecting that ending. It’s sweet, but maybe a little too discordant from the rest of it? Probably not. Maybe I’m just imagining a darker and more sinister punishment on the part of the parents. I shall stop talking now. Nicely done, obviously, getting me to thinking and thus rambling.

  5. Avatar JayDee

    Thanks guys! This one is quite personal to me. I’ve done some pretty dark stuff recently. Exorcising some innner demons, so to speak.

    The last line is more abrupt than I’d like, but the thrice-damned character limit will not allow me to build up to it better!

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