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  1. Lovers' Parting (Mature)

  2. Let The Games Begin (Mature)

  3. The Knocking

    “Did you hear it that time?” Sandra elbowed her husband in the ribs, “Bill?” Bill was rigid, the corpse-like rigor gripping his body made her stomach clench with cold. tap…tap-tap…tap-tap-tap…tap-tap… Bil...

  4. Discovery (Mature)

  5. The Cookbook Part I

    Sam unwrapped the book, leaving the brown paper intact. Sitting in the middle was her latest purchase. She couldn’t resist buying used cookbooks, the kind that were full of handwritten recipes passed through families, stains of ingredients and me...

  6. And Then You Lock The Door

    It’s one of those nights. Things blend in an amalgamation of dream mush; envelope you in a world constructed of reality and beyond. The light overhead: is it more orange than usual? It flickers and you swear you hear static. The creepy old-timey ...

  7. First Sight, First Kiss, First Love

    I leaned over and gently kissed that spot on the back of her head, near her neck. That one, imperfect spot with its discoloration a sign, “KISS ME HERE!” “Hey,” I cooed, breathing in her scent. She squinted, still blind with new...

  8. Dichotymous Detachment (Mature)

  9. Truth Becomes Lie Becomes Truth

    It was a strange assignment. One where our words on the page would be raw – rewrites equally raw, because we kept having to change each version. J was an amazing teacher; we believed her (secretly doubting): the final product would be the most tr...

  10. First Day (Mature)

  11. Survivor (Mature)

  12. The Beginning

    Why he started was a mystery. He was curious. He didn’t have a grand plan; no big intention. He was just curious. And bored. A deadly combination. Walking for weeks, he camped in the desert each night. Not far enough off the road that he couldn&#...

  13. Confession

    “You need to have at least five —” “FIVE? She needs more than that,” the boy took a drag on his cigarette before flicking it onto the wet asphalt. The little girl looked at him, eyes wide, afraid but drawn to the big boy w...

  14. I Know It's Her Birthday (Mature)

  15. His Life? A song by Alannis Morrisette

    with her, side by side for eternity: his dream swelling in the way oh the wrenching irony the clown’s peanut allergy

  16. Roadside Attraction

    Parked right by the road clown in peanut butter truck munching granola radio leaks Sinatra into painted sunset air

  17. Cristobol's Cathartic Cookie-related Crisis (Part II)

    He usually had no problem running onto the subway or dashing between cars to get away, but today there were these crowds. Masses of peoples lining the streets. The crying little American was smarter than she looked, had shouted for the police… in...

  18. Cristobol's Cathartic Cookie-related Crisis

    “Andiamo! Andiamo!!” Cristobol shouted into the crowd as he attempted to run through them while at the same time ripping off his chef’s coat. He’d lost the hat before knocking over the little American girl. He had to have the co...

  19. Man In The Kitchen (Part V)

    He woke up to sunlight and the smell of coffee, a smell he loved, wafting up the stairs. Realizing his wife was home he ran toward the stairs – he mustn’t have heard her arrive home after an all night flight. She’d been gone for so long. Too long...

  20. Man In The Kitchen (Part IV)

    The young man studied the woman he knew would someday be his wife. They hadn’t been dating terribly long, but something had told him from the first time he saw her at the library that she was the one. And he’d never believed in that crap. After the...

  21. Man In The Kitchen (Part III)

    Before pulling away, she sat in her car and looked across the street to the private dock. She saw him: shirt off, glistening with the sweat of loved hard work, jeans wet at the bottom where his feet hung into the water. He was waxing his sailboat. Agai...

  22. Man In The Kitchen (Part II)

    The morning stretched on, the coffee maker shutting off, coffee darkening… thickening. He finished his puzzle; assumed she ran to drop off dry cleaning or do something else before he woke up. He showered with the door open, inviting her back into the...

  23. Man In The Kitchen (Part I)

    Jumping out of bed, running down the stairs, he followed the scent emanating from the coffee maker. He loved the smell, hated the taste, but he knew it meant she was finally home from her trip. Running to the kitchen, excited at the prospect of seeing ...

  24. Naughty Rhyming Haiku (Mature)

  25. Wake Up Call

    Stretching, Em accidentally kicked the cat, albeit lightly. He reacted by swiping her foot helping her finish waking up from a deep 2 a.m. slumber. The phone was ringing: its caller i.d. panel casting a green glow on the wall above where it rested on h...

  26. Favorite Things In Haiku (Fav Things Challenge)

    My dog climbs in to bed and noses her way down beneath covers… sleep. Visiting my mom Early morning rituals coffee, sudoku Nestled ‘tween mountains place of mem’ries and good friends Bennington, Vermont Kris writing his songs short ji...

  27. They've Only Just Begun (6 Word Challenge)

    She kissed a man over coffee. (uh oh… it’s not meeting the minimum!)

  28. Document Everything (Mature)

  29. Sometimes You Don't Need Protection (3) (Mature)

  30. Sometimes You Don't Need Protection (2) (Mature)

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