Phenomenon of 2010: Jan 1 through Jan 5

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Jan 1
Link to Audio: Joe Biden is heard with his stock broker making changes to his investment portfolio based on insider information.

Commentary: Political officials and pundits sought impeachment. The site was discussed throughout the world.

Jan 2
A JPG file upload form is shown. It includes the text: “What would you like the world to see?”, and a text field for “tags” and a submit button. After an upload, it says “Thank you. See you tomorrow.”

Jan 3
All photos uploaded on Jan 2 are now shown in a sortable database using a “tag cloud”. Photos are able to be rated, marked “I love this” or “I hate this”, and allow text, video, and photo responses. The top three tags are “me”, “lol”, and “friend”.

Jan 4
The same site as Jan 3, plus a new row of links that sort the database, Highest Rated, Lowest Rated, Most Loved, Most Hated, and Most Controversial. The database is very obviously not moderated at all.

Jan 5
A photo is shown of 3M brand Scotch Tape.

Commentary: Sales skyrocketed.

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  1. Avatar futurist

    This won’t make any sense without reading the prequel “Intro”. I welcome your sequels!

  2. Avatar jesteram

    Interesting premise. The mundane nature of some of the days’ activities make it more believable than I would have expected from the Jan. 1 big splash. This isn’t the traditional story, but it could develop into something cool, depending on how sequels go…

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