The New Guys: Everyday Objects

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“Choose wisely” Gustav barked, “they’re all I’ve got” as he dumped a bag of metal sounding objects onto the floor. Weird dull things tunbled out, stuff you would find in some old man’s forgotten shack.

I had a rabid crack-head going through withdrawals on top of me like I had Methadone pumping through my veins. But it was still too close for me to see what it was. All I knew is it was alive. It felt like three hundred pounds of rotten leather soaked in puke.

Jessica, gangly in appearance, moved like an electric swan. She opted for a chair first and high fived my attacker square in the face, one handed even. She grabbed a metal fan out of the pile and threw it like a frisbee. The thing screamed, the fan had embedded itself somewhere and the creature sat up, but still straddled me.

A Mason Jar full of nails rolled by. I shattered the end off and drove it into the creature’s socket and twisted, screwing the rusty nails and shards right through. The creature, seemingly made of pain, simply went limp.

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  1. Avatar smdasilva {LoA}

    So Flint seems kinda useless so far. Go Jessica, girl power!

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