The New Guys: Unpretty Endings

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I pushed the thing off of me and scooted back as fast as I could until my back hit something solid. My arms were slick with blood but I didn’t feel any pain. In fact I couldn’t feel anything at all. It was like my skin had gone numb.

The room was quiet except for heavy breathing.

“You all right, Nick?” Flint asked. He tossed me a hand towel that I had trouble picking up. As I clumsily wiped away the blood, the skin underneath was riddled with dozens of tiny punctures.

“I dunno. Is it dead? I’ll be better if we killed it.”

“Yeah- I think Jessica is on it.” Something in Flint’s voice made me looked around him to see Jessica crouched over the thing that had attacked me, rocking back and forth.

“What’s she doing?” I asked.

“Cutting the thing’s head off.”

She’s what?”

“Decapitating it.”

I looked again and watched her arm move in a rhythmic sawing motion. I felt sick and needed a distraction.

“Gustav!” I called.

Flint sighed. “When she started cutting, the old man ran off muttering about free will.”

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Comments (5 so far!)

  1. Avatar Miles Letham

    Tiny punctures underneath the blood-soaked arms? That’s an interesting breadcrumb in a new vampire mythology… I like this series so far!

  2. Avatar 32 ^2

    Robert, your killing me here. Punctures? Free will?

    No one said this was going to be easy and I didn’t expect you would….Bravo on this piece too.

    Change “looked” to look.

  3. Avatar 32 ^2

    OH, an put your original stories code into your tags, we can string em together.

  4. Avatar 32 ^2

    I don’t think you need a mature rating on this.

  5. Avatar smdasilva {LoA}

    Flint is good for a hand towel and Jessica does all the work.

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