The tasting couch

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“Is this blindfold really necessary?” my hand waves in the air.
“It would ruin the surprise, otherwise.” her husky voice whispers almost too closely. I can tell she is amused by her own rhyme. Gently but firmly she presses me onto the velvet couch. It’s spongy softness swathes me but I can still feel the small bald patches on the armrest.
“Open wide! Milk chocolate with an almond centre. What do you think?”
“A bit too sweet and nutty for me!”
“Ah, then this may be your taste. 70% Belgian with a whiskey créme filling.”
“I like this!”
“And how about this? But you have to guess!”
“Hm, 80% with a …” what is this? why do i suddenly have an erection?
“Yes, I can see it’s working.” she gasps.
“What’s working?”
“Shh, try this.”
I bite and the sticky cherry liqueur runs down my chin. help, i can’t lift my arms. I can’t feel my legs any more either.
“What are you doing to me?” I can barely speak.
“Surprise!” she breathes in my ear as she slips her warm hand into my trousers and I loose conciousness.

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  1. Avatar Spageti

    After reading this story and your other one about child abuse, I have determined that you are a sexually repressed person with unnatural desires, much like former President Bill Clinton.

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