Heading Back (Superhero Black Hole, part 61)

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Afterwards, when we were back in my hotel room (she had her own seperate room, by the way; like I said before – we don’t end up playing tonsil tennis, or doing the genitalia handshake. (Looking over my shoulder, Zoe’s asking me to remove that sentence. I ain’t.)), I asked her if she remembered what had happened this time.

Luckily for me, she remembered every second of this occurence of her time-slowing skills.

We discussed why she didn’t remember having bulldozed that douche’s head whilst she had slowed down time the first time. Our only conclusion was that because it had been her first time using this hitherto unknown ability, and she was in the middle of a rather fiercesome fight, she just assumed everything was happening at normal speed.

A bit obvious, I suppose. But, there we are.

  • * *

A couple of days later, we had to head back to New York.

Ironically enough, we arrived at Heathrow late, and almost didn’t make it to the terminal.

But then, Zoe did her thing. And it proved to be very useful…

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  1. Avatar J. A. Keane

    By the way – for reference for you, Mr. AbstractRorschach – the story after this should take place when these two are back in New York, cos the end of this part is basically saying that Zoe slowed down time long enough for them to get to the terminal in time to catch their flight.
    Just to be clear, and all that…

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