Ficly Takes Flight

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In the midst of the confrontation, the Ficlyteers heard a resounding roar. They looked back and saw that the back of the USS Ficly had changed into an aircraft carrier. A large airplane pulled out on deck with Kevin and Jason in the pilot’s seat.

“All aboard!” They yelled together.

“Retreat!” Lone Writer yelled over the noise, waving her pistols in the plane’s direction.

Blusparrow, Orange Oreos and Band Baby turned from their fights with the Representatives and fell back.

Everyone looked up in surprise when they heard a battle cry from the air.

“Yeah, eat metal you filthy Corporate cohorts!” Bartimaeus yelled from the air, buzzing the battlefield (deck) with a helicopter.

Where did he get that helicopter?!” Band Baby cried in alarm.

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  1. Avatar .:Band Baby:.

    I would be so worried that he would be hurt! hahah. =)

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