Timing Is Everything

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“Nipples," said Sam.

Will’s hands stopped, hovering above the coordinate lock panel as if frozen in time. “Nipples, what?”

“You asked me to name a body part that we humans don’t need any more – vestigial, you said – I pick nipples,” said Sam.

“That was three days ago, before we left the Deemos System. Your just coming up with this now?” Will shook his head, pressing his palms to his eyes.

He finished entering the ten-digit code into the NavSys and hit Lock, then pressed the com and said, “USS Biden to command. Request jump to Terra, authorization Alpha-three-one-Gamma, over."

“How about pleasure?” he said, releasing the com.

“Nah,” said Sam with a yawn, “Had a Sylvan stripper tweak mine once – hurt like hell.”

Alpha-three-one-Gamma approved for jump in one-zero…nine…

“I guess since we started using IncuPods for twenty-month gestation, women don’t even need ’em any more. Good call."

Four. Three.

Sam’s leaned forward, eyes wide in shock; “Hey, is there an extra two on the destination?”


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  1. Avatar ipe

    I found my old ficlets memorial account, and this one of my favorites. I cleaned it up a little and re-posted. Just for fun. If anyone feels this should be mature, just PM and I’ll set it. Wasn’t sure…seems much less harmless than most of the TV nowadays…

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    That was fun. It reminded me of the ‘Carto’ series I jumped into briefly, although this was far more lighthearted.

    Personally, I think nipples are quite nice and should be kept. That’s entirely subjective though.

  3. Avatar 32 ^2

    This is a funny little titty-twister, I like it a lot

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