Hate Everything

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I hate everything
coming to this reality
mine so different from yours
I can’t explain all that I hate
though I can lead you to where I have been
As a child often sent to my room
I learned to break glass looking at it
As a teen distancing myself
I learned the best way to feed myself is to be a whore
As a christian I learned to trust no one
they turn their back on you if you do one wrong thing
don’t believe me, tell them about the time you were raped
Tell them about how your sitter molested you
tell them who you really are ask them to pray for you
What will you get? Excommunicated
Mothers drinking led me to figuring out how to feed myself
whoring myself became the only way
As a only child left in the house
mother drunk off her ass all the time
I learned to drinks she would never notice it was gone
Don’t piss me off or I will break you, like glass in anger though I don’t mean it
My anger breaks things just by looking at it this is why I learned to hate everything

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