Exciting Venus Adventures!

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“Venus CC, this is ESN Interlocutor requesting C-5 clearance.”

“ESN Interlocutor this is Venus CC, please pass clearance codes.”

Captain Jones swiveled up his OptiProj before turning to the AstroNav-328 behind him.

“328, clearcode requested by VCC, begin autogen sequence.”

The AN-328’s security protocols roared into life.

“AS-5 Jones clearcode req acknowledged, ACS commencing, AS-5 Jones is requested to provide hypercrypt silichip.”

Anticipating this, Captain Jones had already deftly tapped the Cranilock implant at the base of his skull triggering the SYNAPTO reader in his BrainCAP. Jones was now able to issue the command directly via the BrainCAP’s synlink interface.

Without hesitation (or words), Capt. Jones gave the code: “command sequence alpha theta four nine six

Suddenly, the smooth ferroplat panel next to Captain Jones’ AN-328 slid open and the requested silichip was pulled out by the 328’s mini grav pad.

Smirking, Jones flipped down his OptiProj.

“Damn I love my job.”

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  1. Avatar N555champ & X-Ninja

    Good good, but it’s just a little TOO WTFish. I like the phrase, “hypercrypt silichip”. now THAT’S sci-fi. *

  2. Avatar monkeybomb

    I was afraid it was not enough WTF.

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