This Is Not The Droid You Are Looking For

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Having Acrylic under the white sheet with a fake guard (Daemon) and I following behind in a stolen lab coat (thanks to a forward thinking underground member who filched it from the warehouse room) made us appear to be presenting a top secret test droid to someone.

How could they not see right through this? My sabretaser secured under my armpit made my walking a stiff gait. I hoped I wasn’t sweating onto the handle too much. We traveled at a normal pace, that seemed agonizingly slow to me.

At the elevator, we paused. One of the girls had to upload the master key information to Acrylic wirelessly so he could download it into his dummy card. I pretended to adjust one of Acrylic’s feet to buy us some time.

I heard a tiny beep in Acrylic’s hand, then the elevator key was inserted. The doors closed behind us and I exhaled.

“Now for a blackout.” Acrylic announced. Nothing happened inside the elevator, but the radio on Daemon’s shoulder squawked. “Cameras in sector 1 out!” “Sector 2, also!” etc.

I smiled.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Lovely moment. I like the mix here of high tech sci-fi and realistic human emotion, the hallmark of good sci-fi. Fun installment, as it also takes our uber-techy warriors down a peg to something to which we can relate.

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)


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