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I hate you.
Maybe hate’s a strong word for a person like me, but I won’t use any other.

I am good at my job. Excellent, in fact. And you’re threatened by that.
I understand. I’m better at our work. You might not ever consciously admit that, but why else would you be so jealous you just had to screw me over?

You weren’t the only one angry over my promotion. The entire office was angry, jealous-nobody had my back. But you were the only one to pick up the knife. Et tu, Brute?
I used to admire you. Now I can barely look you in the eye.

The worst is that you never admitted to it. You never said, I wrote the letter. I did it, that’s how I felt. I was angry.

No. You said, someone wrote that letter. You said, we should consider their opinion.
You said, how interesting that it’s anonymous.

It wasn’t even well written!
I’d know. I keep it on my wall, now.

It’s a fresh reminder every day of how I will never stoop to your level.

And so I’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks.
You’re driving my success.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    You tell ’em! I love that their scheming in the end seems to have helped you. Nice when it works out that way.

  2. Avatar 32 ^2

    I agree with THX, Bravo.

    Maybe some italics for your flashback quotes, but not having them doesn’t bother me, those things ring in your head, stay with you, you own them.

    I received one of those letters May 15, 2011. I got fired. He got fired a month later. I was pretty happy after that. No, I didn’t want my job back. I won my EEOC case though. This guy was smart, he knew I was eagle-eyed and would catch him taking advantage of the mentally ill. Now he’s in jail.

    I love that you express share anger, my contempt and finally, winning!

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Nice. talk about lemonade from lemons.. :)

  4. Avatar Kihd

    This is spicy. I love it. The anger is so tangible. I’d hate to be the person this is aimed at! Impressive. And kudos to you for overcoming your antagonist. :)

  5. Avatar Amaris Wolfe

    I’m glad for the happy ending of your story, 32^2, I completely understand your feelings! Thanks everyone! I seriously appreciate the comments ;P

  6. Avatar Shoyo

    Using words to channel the rage is pretty good…
    Now you tell me, does it feel good to see someone plotting against you and failing?

    I carry a nice last name… :-)

  7. Avatar Amaris Wolfe

    Yes, it is true triumph :) you carry a nice last name? I don’t understand your meaning

  8. Avatar Shoyo

    Sorry, I mistyped.
    I meant to say you. Was referring to Thomas Wolfe.

  9. Avatar Iris...Alone

    Very interesting and I love how you say that you won’t stoop to their level. You seemed so powerful and smart, and the other person seemed ignorant and child-ish. Nice way of expressing your anger.

  10. Avatar Amaris Wolfe

    That’s quite a fun coincidence, Shoyo! No relation, unfortunately! Thank you, Iris, for the feedback