Tarnished (Draft Only)

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The husky voice belonged to a man sitting in the gloom on the opposite side of the bar, the only one sitting alone. “Tarnished” would have been the word to describe him,

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  1. Avatar HSAR

    Intended to be a sequel to this:

    I never finished it so you, noble reader, must take on the task of completion!

  2. Avatar 32 ^2

    Shu Sam Chen: Reads more like character development, or something a director might yell to an actor to get them into character.
    Incidentally, to take up the completion, you may want to post it as a challenge.

  3. Avatar mark.i.wang

    I read through the series of prequels, and i think you’ve stopped only because you don’t want to overstep the bounds of Robert’s existing storyline.
    Give it a go! Obviously you’re not psychic – whatever you had in mind will inevitably be different from his thoughts. But you can’t let that stop you; otherwise the story will stagnate, and i don’t think either of you would want that.