Six Word Challenges

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A Touch of Madness:
I think. Therefore I am hunted.

Space Western Lollapalooza:
John Wayne dismounts horse onto Mars.

Stranger Than Fiction:
She writes my love into existence.

I Knew I Should Have Turned Left at Albuquerque:
I should have called a cab.

Through the Blockade:
Keep typing. Word vomit. Heavy editing.

“She sure looked over eighteen officer.”

A Simple Poetry Challenge:
Free form,

Emotion paramount.

while x>2 {

Urban Fantasy
“911. Can I help you?”

Off the Roof
“Hi. My name is Ryan Seacrest.”

Four Hills: Bodies piled beneath him.

Stories Favor the Brave
Todd sacrificed his $20. Purchased sixer.

Ficlyfication AKA Ficlyfy This
“You are not a toy!”

I pressed stop, and we started.

Not Your Ordinary Superhero
Tights? Check.
Cape? Check.
Superpowers… uh…

“I, Robot”
“The Hobbit”
Make Robbit.

Love Letters
When you die, I will follow.

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  1. Avatar April Raines

    My fave: ‘Hi. My name is Ryan Seacrest’.

    Big lol & gigglesnort. You win funny of my day!

  2. Avatar John Perkins

    Ok this is totally not kosher, and I semi-apologize. I basically took the idea as a challenge to myself to see if I could use the six word novel idea towards a bunch of other challenges, and still nirvana the story. Success!

    I kind of cheated on the Babel one. I’m only counting the letters and words, not the punctuation or the number 2 by itself. And I stole the idea from Trann.

    Please feel free to rate and or comment on the whole thing or individually. I’m really hoping this doesn’t come off as pretentious, but you can tell me if it does.

  3. Avatar Pyropunk 51 (PPP LoA)

    you are the master! we are not worthy ;-)

  4. Avatar ethelthefrog

    Oh, I love your take on Babel. You are right that the challenge didn’t state that it must be a human language. Very good indeed. Other highlights are sci-fantasy and superhero. The love letter makes me cry.

    As pyropunk says, we are not worthy.

  5. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    First you tackle Poe, now this? JP you set the bar high.

  6. Avatar Jape Prophets

    I haven’t been commenting because I set up the challenge, but I have to say something here.

    First of all, sadly, this entry won’t win because of the…you know, six word thing.

    That said, the skill, originality, and insight in this piece needs rewarding.


    Jape Prophets

  7. Avatar monkeybomb

    Haha! I enjoyed the Ryan Seacrest one.

  8. Avatar John Perkins

    Thank you all for the kind words. Glad I could write something y’all enjoyed reading.

  9. Avatar Stovohobo

    Awesome idea, and crazy challenge for yourself (glutton for punishment, or recognition?). Spectacularly executed.

  10. Avatar futurist

    Uh oh, it looks like eatPeople() is an undefined function. Anything could be happening there. Perhaps you meant for the x— to be called within the eatPeople function? Otherwise the eatPeople function is superfluous. :) Loved it.

  11. Avatar The Note Writer

    Could someone please translate the Babel part? Thanks.

  12. Avatar The Note Writer

    Ohhhhh…. Ixnay the translation.
    Great story.
    eat people… Tee Hee.

  13. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    I’m always one to support a little bit of subversiveness here and there. Way to go outside the box but inside the box in an outside-the-box sort of way.

  14. Avatar Sz Park

    Holy crap. I hate you. I shall now defeat you in a duel and steal your idea powers.

  15. Avatar Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    dang you really are AWESOME. This really does rock.

  16. Avatar jesteram

    This is great. And I don’t see why it shouldn’t win … or at least one them, anyway. My personal favorite is “Elevated,” because it’s such a dense little nugget of clever wordplay.

  17. Avatar Jape Prophets

    Contest or no, he’s clearly won respect. Mission accomplished.

    Jape S. Prophet

  18. Avatar OrangeOreos (LoA)

    Haha! The Off the Roof one made me lol. And I liked the poetry one. Simple, to the point, (six words), and it had a message. :D

    Just awesome! And congrats on featuredom!

  19. Avatar amy

    Most of this was not very original…

  20. Avatar g²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    Unconventional for the win!
    Although, nit-picky as I can occasionally be (and since it was my challenge), I must point out one tiny flaw: you only have five words for the “Touch of Madness” one. All you’d have to do is make “I’m” to “I am” and you’d be off the hook.

    Top notch, JP!

  21. Avatar John Perkins

    @g2, holy cow. I can’t believe that went unnoticed for so long. Had to modify a few others to make that fit since it was exactly 1,024 characters long and needed to stay that way for the challenge to myself.

  22. Avatar Garsecg

    Very clever and well thought out.

    (See, that comment was exactly six words, just like—oh wait, I ruined it. Oh crap.)

  23. Avatar Music-Hearted

    Hahaha, wow. I’m impressed, and you certainly are clever. Nice work!

  24. Avatar Oy

    Awesome! Thanks for using my challenges

  25. Avatar StayGold

    whoaa this is AWESOME!!
    just wow.