The Inevitable Return of The Insane Knight

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Gerry stared down at the symbols he drew on the ground, then back at the tattered copy of “The Joy of Spellcasting”. I must have done something wrong, he thought. Something should have happened by now. He slammed the book closed and sat on a tombstone. “This was our last hope”, he said, “Now what?” He hung his head and started to weep.

“Pardon me, foul vagabond,” a ragged voice said. “Could you point me in the direction of the Tower of Ted the Off-White? We seem to have been teleported during a climatic confrontation.”

Gerry looked up to see a crazed old man wearing, what looked like, armor made from paper mache. Along with the crazed old man there was a very short zombie, a poodle dog and the largest dragon he had ever seen.

“I…um…think the Gods sent you to help my village,” Gerry said.

“The Gods?” The Insane Knight said. “Never met them. They sound like a nice family, though. Ooh! We’re in a cemetery! Spooky!”

Gerry looked down at the zombie.

The zombie shrugged.

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  1. Avatar Hobo Beard Bob

    This is a continuation of a series I was working on at Ficlets. I think 3 or 4 people read it, so maybe they’ll see this and read it again.

  2. Avatar Hilary Blackwood

    These stories are awesome-ness! Read them and be in the presence of genius!

  3. Avatar dkscully

    These are not quite the heroes you were looking for… if I might twist a quote for humorous intent.

    This looks like fun. I hope you continue it.

  4. Avatar Alexa Reed (LoA)

    I am so happy the Knight has returned. I was trying to explain your basic plot to someone a while back, and I failed miserably. Now I can just direct people to a Web site.

  5. Avatar ethelthefrog

    Oh, marvellous. Very funny and somewhat off-the-wall.

  6. Avatar Alexa Reed (LoA)

    Plus, I’m jealous that Gerry has his copy of The Joy of Spellcasting. Lost mine some years ago, and it’s very hard to replace.