The Princess' Flight

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A lonely princesses stands at the top of a tower, hundreds of feet off the ground. She’s not sure if it’s safe to jump—the ground is littered with miscellaneous items. Clothing, shoes, and books lie everywhere.

“Come ON!” Her sister is waiting impatiently at the bottom of the tower, having already made it down safely.

The princess closes her eyes and jumps.

“OW!” There’s a long scratch across the sensitive sole of her foot from the corner of a book, and a small drop of blood falls to the carpet. Her sister runs to the bathroom and grabs the first aid kit.

“It’s okay! It’s, um, a battle wound! It shows how brave you are.” Her sister sticks a bandaid delicately over the scratch.

“I’m brave?” The princess looks puzzled. “But I’m the princess.”

“A princess can be brave! Sometimes the princess has to rescue the prince.”



“Wow.” The princess smiles at the bandaid and whispers, “I’m brave.”

“Girls! Dinner!”

Her sister smiles and takes her hand.

“Let’s go, you brave little princess.”

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