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Y’know, iss kinda funny how diff ‘rent people talk d’pending on where ye’are. F’y’go r’round’New York, the dialects are different. And not just the City, either. There’s more t’New York than the Big Apple, nkay? Good, glad we cleared that up.

Anywho, even the difference between, say, Manhattan and Long Island is discernable. Manhattan’s kineah muddled, s’pechly consannans. An’don’che fuggedaboudit!
Long Island, or should I say, LawnGuiland’s very oawd. Like the way people say cwaw-fee, oah hay-yah, fahget th’ “ahh” on th’ end of that.

Y’see what I mean?

And yes, many Long Islanders do talk something like that, especially if the accent’s thick. And I mean thick.

Now, for all New Yorkers, th’vowels are very horizontal, especially "e"s. Iss kinda like a smoke alarm, eeeeeeeee. "I"s are worse, it’s more like an eye-eeeeeeeee. Short "a"s are iffy, they’re like a nasaly “ahhh,” like when somebody’s lookin’ in y’r’throat’r somethin’.

Arright, I’m done. Any questions fr’m anybody?

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  1. Avatar gĀ²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    This is a bit of an exaggerated representation of my own speech, and my interpretations of Manhattan and Long Island accents. Accuracy not guarenteed.

    And when I say New Yorkers, I mean everybody, the Boroughers, the LawnGuilanders, and the Upstaters (as broad a term that is…)

  2. Avatar dkscully

    It’s terribly hard to capture accent and dialect in writing, but I think that here you’ve managed a really good job of representing some of the more subtle differences between the groups you’ve chosen.

    Thanks. It makes an interesting and different approach to the challenge.

  3. Avatar InkO.o

    this is really cool to read cuz when you read it out loud you totally get what you are trying to convey. good job!

  4. Avatar The Silence [All By Myself] {LoA}

    I found it amusing and made me think. How do i sound to everyone else. I live in the suburbs and my dad used to live in the city. He laughs at my accent sometimes.

  5. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Dialects are funny all over the country, we had to watch a movie once where people were interviewed all over the country telling what accent they thought was weirdest. It was spliced so it was like a chain, someone would say southern, a southerner would say Brooklyn, a Brooklyn-er, would say someone else.. you get the picture. We giggled at their accents!
    Great job attempting to convey an accent in written form!