Micro Space

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Look out there. Do you see that tiny blue speck? Can you even tell it apart from the other bright points of light surrounding it? How big you you think it is? Or how small? Maybe no smaller than an atom. Too small to ever really understand, but without it we would be lost.

Can we ever understand that? The infinitesimal form of matter and energy still contains the tiniest bit of space, time, sound, energy. Unquantifiable. Can you even begin to understand something so small, yet so infinite?

It can’t go on farther than it’s own limits. But the limits do not end. They go on forever.

So many atoms, so much energy, so much life, so much beauty. It’s all up there, alive, pulsing with light and love.

Heaven and Hell in the smallest space opera to exist. Yet they both must, in this tiny bit of everything. It’s up there, it’s right here. The distance in between is full of that.

I too have trouble, comprehending tiny things. Really big things IN really small things.

A God and Heaven. Too much to comprehend.

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  1. Avatar wytherwings

    this is really good, I love it. your descriptions are awesome. thanks for sequeling!

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