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The mirror cracks. Her breathing stops. In disbelief, she sees that one half of the mirror shows her face in surprise, while the other is smiling. Suddenly, somebody grabs, covers her mouth, and just as she begins to struggle, she wakes up, perfectly still and short of breath. She finds her room is unusually dark and her bed feels stiff. She reaches for the nightlight but hits into something hard and something pointy tears into her forearm.

Two days earlier, Maggie, age 12, found herself surveying a small pond for tadpoles, when she noticed another girl walking up to the pond. As she was about to look up to see who it was, a shovel came splitting down and splashed most of the pond into her face. The girl screamed, “You will do this to yourself! Tonight you will break and the real Maggie will kill you!” The girl, slightly older than her, then closed her eyes and walked away, dragging the heavy shovel behind her.

The police report later that week included the mention of a “very poorly constructed” coffin.

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