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  1. countdown

    Yes (fillercharacterstogettosixtyonetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineteneleventwelve

  2. Watermind

    Watermind behind our Watermind we go, our Watermind We show: the circus clowns are friendly says the kid who shows us in I’ve never seen ’em friendly! he says says he to our Watermind and on about our Watermind our Watermind ayho

  3. Needs Rewrite

    Larissa stops reading L: Jack, what is this crap? J: You said you wanted to see more desperation. L: These two characters already have a child together. Here it sounds like they’ve only just met. J: The marriage thing… is meant for you. I&...

  4. Crowd

    I know you were in there, too. I searched for your eyes but couldn’t find them. I saw too many eyes. I saw too many hairstyles. I was distracted by them all. I was distracted by glare and by kittens. I’m gonna pass out. I’m too tired....

  5. See for Life, See Love

    It is the end of all things that stood. It is the beginning of all things that live. A forest stretches and we hear the rustling of leaves on branches and we hear squirrels rushing from the ground. 9:44am A young man delivers his paper to the teacher: ...

  6. A Farewell to Pancakes

    Let the sound of splashing water that I used to Let’s Associate: washing spatulas, washing pans. My father told me that the best to wash a pan was to wait for everything to dry and then just use a dry paper towel. It’s ridiculous how well...

  7. Oh spacious skies

    Lady Darkness forms, aglow with armor, before the prince on the battlefield. Sunday: Good Prince, I come to offer you your death I will waste no time to be your guest; give away your life in peace and alleviate these hundreds of their grief For this ba...

  8. ... a sound

    I am the air and I was never followed for all those who once knew me were fated not, like me, to rise. Upon these clouds, (I rose) and so far down I hoped to find (and fell) as ever, searching for the ground: to which I now am blind. (without) Whic...

  9. Burial Considerations

    A bright screen These pages brim with words which have themselves already written. Boldness, vastness, but all irrelevant. A password The new title for this website: Allison Wonderland. Keeping the sub-title. Part 1: Pictures []This is me on my 21st bi...

  10. Dear God (prospect)

    (On the phone to prospective employee for the position of God.) Employer: “Dear God, I pray that you indulge me in the following request. If you are able to comply, then I will believe that the position you are hoping to fill in this company is c...

  11. Splinters? (Mature)

  12. Letters

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have robbed you of your attention. Thank you. You may steal it back at any time, naturally, but let me ask you this: Will you? Before making this decision, please consider my promise: these letters will redeem me. You now ask yo...

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