Cape Fear

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Dear Emily,

I’m sorry. I love, respect, and admire you in every way but I just can’t live with the fear any longer. Why did you take so long to tell me? When I wondered about all the time you spent away you told me it was because of work. I never believed you but was afraid to ask. You never told me until I found your headquarters in your basement. Why didn’t you trust me?

Now every moment you’re away I’m afraid that you’ve been killed by a supervillain—or that I’ll be killed in some revenge plot. And we have so little time together anymore. And you’re working with some of the sexiest men in the world. You told about how you were in love with Captain Durendal as a kid—now you’re working with him. If you took so long to tell me, and you’re such a good actress that you seem like a different person when you’re in the cape, how can I bring myself to trust you about anything else?

It takes courage to live your life. Maybe it takes even more to share it. I just don’t have that courage. I’m sorry.


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  1. Avatar Garsecg

    Managed Nirvana two times in one day. Am exultant. That wouldn’t even have meant anything to me a few days ago. I think I’m getting seriously addicted to this site…

  2. Avatar doomfinger

    I like it, but I think you need to change this sentence:

    “When I asked about those injuries you kept having you told me you fell off your bike.”

    Ficly is addicting. I haven’t written anything for a little while, but I constantly think about things to post on this site.

  3. Avatar Garsecg

    Ended up taking it out (because probably, given the kind of power level she’s implied to have in the other story, she’d be invulnerable) and replaced it with something else I wanted to put in but couldn’t fit.

  4. Avatar ethelthefrog

    Nice twist. Not easy to be a superhero’s boyfriend, and I should know…

  5. Avatar cthulhuburger

    You may want to re-word the first paragraph to make it a little smoother. Great idea for a story though! I dig that it’s a man writing to a woman.

  6. Avatar Stovohobo

    I love the departure from the POV of the superhero herself and into the lover. Funny.

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