Began with Arguments

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They were arguing again. About what? Whatever they could think of. Money, support, but mostly they were arguing about each other.

One night the man returned home from a long day at work, expecting his wife to have made a huge dinner for him, just to his liking.

But instead he came home to nothing but unsightly sounds emerging from the bedroom. He grabbed the shotgun from under the sofa and walked quietly towards the room.

He saw his wife…along with another man. Enraged, the husband loaded the shotgun as the wife got on her knees, grabbing his trousers and begging for another chance.

The husband fired and the begging ceased. And as the bloodshed crept slowly towards the husband’s shoes, he realized exactly what he had done.

He loaded. He fired. He fell beside his promiscuous wife.

But the question is, who’s the real villian here? The cheating wife or the overdramatic husband? Or are they both diabolically evil?

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  1. Avatar Nymphaea Rose

    I don’t really know if this is that diabolical, but I didn’t want to use my same entry as last time and I couldn’t think of anything else. shrugs