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Jeez, when I learned that Ficlets had returned I literally screamed at the top of my lungs. And it came up right at the perfect time: the beginning of summer! That’s all I can really say right now….YAY!!! Oh! And I almost forgot to mention that back in the old Ficlets (RIP) I was Ezzie.

Oh and the profile pic of mine…isn’t mine!! I did not draw it whatsoever. I just loved the picture sooo dang much. Here’s the link to it: http://xiaocaca.deviantart.com/art/The-Bright-and-Cavernous-Mind-135580650


  1. Misguided Soul

    Watch Sam go Go go into the distance While I, his faithful bike Remains tossed aside His trusty Strong But perhaps A little rusty Bike I am A title I was once proud of Now not so sure of Watch Sam go Go go with his new car Plenty stronger Plenty faster...

  2. Wine Red

    Her apartment didn’t seem to have any evidence from what had happened the last time I was there. Whatever sketches that had been ripped apart were replaced by others already. The only thing that still remained was a very faint pink stain in the s...

  3. Smile

    “So you have other models?” I threw my cigarette butt over the balcony while asking this. “Well define model. If you think the weird old lady that runs the fruit stand is considered a model, then sure, I have other models.” I ch...

  4. Us

    “Yeah well…at least I think of more glamorous ways to out myself. Lung cancer doesn’t sound so attractive to me,” she shuddered at the very thought. “Neither does jumping off a building quite frankly,” I flicked the ...

  5. The Oyster

    A little oyster laid, alone on the beach. His hard shells, covered with uneven bumps and and unslightly grooves, made children never want to take him home. In a way this made sense, because on the outside this oyster acted as cold and cruel as his oute...

  6. The Violist, Honest and True

    I am a violist, the sound so mellow I wonder if my viola’s in tune I hear the music ebb and flow I see the notes, ready to leap off the page I want exciting, melodic pieces to play I am a violist, the sound so mellow I pretend I’m full of confidenc...

  7. Dark Waltz of My Mind

    A Beautiful Lie All Around Me Broken. Your Innocent Eyes Disenchanted, Those Lips of an Angel Numb. Underneath The Sweet Dreams And the Lullaby, The Kill was waiting To Use Somebody When You Were Young, I would Fall For You. But now I must say Good Rid...

  8. You Make Me Smile

    For the next few days I decided it would be best to stay away from Charlotte for a bit. After all, she was still paying her rent, so she was definetly alive, so I didn’t have to worry about her doing anything that bad. But, just to be safe, I alw...

  9. Abby

    Once I was sure Sarah had calmed down I put my hands on her shoulders, “Baby, I got to go to first period now,” I gave her a peck on her forehead, but she was already fantasizing about this afternoon, “See you later.” When I wal...

  10. Bad Romance

    And then Charlotte threw her arms around me and slammed her lips onto mine. It came as such a shock to me that I lost my balance and landing on my back, with her landing on top of me, “Marloph,” I tried saying her name through my lips, but ...

  11. U + Ur Hand

    I sat there dumbfounded while Charlotte calmly got up and walked over to her sink to wash off the blood from her arms. I looked at some of the ripped sketches, many of them were the ones of me, “Did you rip these up?” “Eh, some my dad...

  12. Promise Me

    Hospitals stink of antiseptic. I hate it. Yet here I was, in a hospital, in the room were Annie has stayed now for possibly 10 months. And with every month she has gotten weaker and weaker, fading away from my eyes from the cancer. “Bradley,̶...

  13. Sarah

    After that weekend I came into school feeling pretty good. Including Sarah, my girlfriend, I banged three other girls. And it felt good. Of course, though, they all had to talk about it, I thought as Sarah came storming up to me, platinum blonde hair l...

  14. I'm Not Dead (Mature)

  15. Clara part 2 (Mature)

  16. Pressure of Greed

    “Come on honey. Just please stand still for mommy,” the woman begged her daughter as she held a spray bottle filled with spray-on tan. “But I don’t like it when it gets in my face!!” The four-year old stamped her foot in p...

  17. Twin Telepathy (Mature)

  18. Beat it (Mature)

  19. Mr. Brightside

    I had to find a new job. Because not only was I slowly going mad in my silent, lonely apartment, I was also running out of money to pay for the silent, lonely apartment. Unfortuently, there wasn’t much a 22 year old can find to do without a colle...

  20. Clara

    I could tell she wanted it. I could see her eyeing me from across the room during the party, and who could blame her, I was attractive. Attractive in any way possible. Nice length of wavy dark brown hair, sweet-looking brown eyes, a brilliant smile, an...

  21. Loving, Lonely Eyes

    Those frosted emerald eyes Entrance them all Fill them with laughter When they’re bored Or smiles When they’re sad. No one could hurt These eyes for No one would want to For these eyes are filled With love for all. But these eyes Made of em...

  22. Giggles and Tiny Carousels

    I waited impatiently in the darkness. When was it going to be my time to shine again? My wings fluttered in anticipation. I had finally collected enough teeth from the little girl to make a really special song. I heard sounds outside and I began bounci...

  23. The Predator

    I drove up to the shady-looking man, the man that filled me with hope and promise. I scratched my face, opening another one of the many wounds I’ve gained over the years from the predator. The predator took my looks, my husband, my job, and my mo...

  24. Raindrops of Despair

    It was finally raining upon this lonely, dry earth. I wasn’t sure who was drinking the rain faster, me or the soil, but it seemed as soon as a drop touched my tongue or the dusty ground, it vanished. As I continued walking further, trying to find...

  25. The Revolution of the World

    All good things become Corrupt, broken, and come to an end. But they always have the chance, To become pure again.

  26. I'm back!...Without the Gift of Telepathy

    Remember me? I was the telepathic girl. Yeah, you know the one that caused a girl to kill herself and whose school was blasted to smitherens along with the majority of the people inside of it. Some good did come out of these awful events though. With t...

  27. Dancing

    Dancing, Pirouetting, Leaping, Stepping, Listening to The music Sing, Soaring In time, Flowing Gracefully, Like silk In the wind, Only because I can.

  28. You Oughta Know

    “So,” Charlotte ran her fingers through her curly black hair, “You heard everything you needed to know, now leave.” My heart lept from her words. I didn’t want to leave. I was afraid that once I left she’d begin tear...

  29. Good Riddance

    “And that’s that,” Charlotte shrugged, marking the end of the horrifying story. “But, but why didn’t you try to get anyway? Why didn’t you try to report any of this?” She shrugged again, a trait of hers I was s...

  30. Shattered (Mature)

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