One Step Forward

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Challenge every accident knowingly touched
By a slimy smile
And encourage a subtle confidence
Almost broken

A slimy smile
With even the “kindest” of intentions
Almost breaks
A pounding heart into pieces

Even the kindest of intentions
Will unconsciously awaken
Pieces of a pounding heart
With lingering terrors

Unconsciously awaken
A confidence subtly encouraged
Beyond lingering terrors
To knowingly challenge every “accident”

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  1. Avatar As Large as Alone

    I quite like this! Reminds me of one of those forms with repeated lines…forget the name of that form for now.

  2. Avatar remembrancer

    Yup. I believe its called a pantoum.

  3. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    It has an interesting repetition, all with slight variations throughout to give each line its own meaning. Nicely done.

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