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At age 18 I graduated high school. Ready to take on the world with fresh perspectives. I was dating my high school sweetheart.
At 20 I got an internship to New York for a big time company. My girl and I decided to move house.
At 22 I was offered a small job, mainly as a secretary at the company. I always stayed until dark. I got married in the courthouse and I could only afford a small band, not a diamond.
At age 25 I was hired into the company as a business man. I was making enough money to support my wife and daughter but was working overtime.
Ages 28-35 I traveled a lot for work but got a promotion since someone was fired. My wife hated that I was gone.
Age 40, I had money to buy my wife gifts but she never seemed to notice them. She eventually left with my daughter. There was no discussion because I wasn’t around long enough to have one.

Now at age 53, I am at the CEO of the business.
I am also divorced with a daughter who doesn’t hardly know me. I am merely a memory, a ghost.
Success is sacrifice.

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  1. Avatar Infinity.

  2. Avatar RockPaperScissors

    Thanks for your entry! Your story felt a little tell-y and not so show-y, but then I saw the flickr link. I really like your concept. Oh, I love art. :)