Blood of the Daughter

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“Ego dico vobis Ashimina , temerarius nostrum vox vocis.” He chanted, tightening the straps around the sacrifice’s wrists. The girl stirred.

“Where am I?” she asked, taking in her surroundings. She saw writing on the wall in what appeared to be blood, looking down at her feet she saw a river of blood running down her leg to pool below her on the floor. “What’s going on! What are you doing to me?!” She yelled at the chanting man.

“Silence whelp!” He shouted at her. “You will be the sacrifice that brings my master back to this realm of existence!” He said, backhanding her before gagging her.

“Suscipio is virgo ut vestri novus vita cruor” he said, resuming his chant. Her eyes widened in terror as she watched him draw a wicked looking knife and moving forward to make the killing cut. He smiled maniacally, “This will only hurt for a moment…” he said, slitting her throat before plunging the knife into her chest.

He laughed as her last blood rushed out of her, scribing a final sigil on the floor before him.

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  1. Avatar The Night Angel

    That’s the image I used, with the search term “Horror”

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Well, that was definitely horrific. The pronoun “she” in the sentence about writing on the wall in blood threw me. Typo? Decidedly and unrelentingly dark, so well done on the horror count.

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