The Gods Are Restless

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There was once many worlds. One world decided it wanted to be One. First, they built Elemental Machines, then they buried the universe’s Four Natural Gods on Earth.

Earth is like Australia, an island for prisoners. Here, the Naturals are buried alive.

Under the Himalayas the God of Air, Everest, suffocates and only half alive.

Frozen within earth’s deepest oceanic trench the God of Water, Mariana, feels the weight of the world on her pressured heart. She cries tidal waves and weeps typhoons.

The God of Fire, Sahara, boils in anger heating Africa’s rolling sands. Every now-and-then his frustrations soar and the land explodes.

Chernozem, the God of Soil, molders under a large swath of highly fertile black richness from Russia through Europe. Sometimes she shudders in pain and earth splits.

Soon they will be free. Man-made disasters, mining, nuclear explosions, have all weakened earth’s crust. Soon all four Naturals will once again reign supreme, but not until they’ve won the War of all Wars.

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  1. Avatar 32 ^2

    Thanks to HSAR for bringing to attention my glaring mistakes. Ugh!

    (Note to self: late night writings are to be saved as drafts.)

  2. Avatar The Night Angel

    This is awesome, would love to see a sequel where the gods awaken or something similar.

  3. Avatar JonB

    I too love this Big theology stuff (with a capital B). I particularly like Mariana…the weight of the world on her pressured heart.

  4. Avatar AnthonyTNT

    I enjoyed this one. I like the metaphor and imagery used to illustrate what’s really going on.

  5. Avatar Conjoiner, Rejoinder, Poisoner, Concealer, Revelator [[Wednesday]]

    I don’t know. I think this is too little for one story. It would be great if each part was given its own sequel, so that we could know why.
    I normally love your writing 32^2, but I think this needs work.

  6. Avatar 32 ^2

    @Wednesday: Then treat this as a prologue and write a sequel about one of the gods.