Pee Monster

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Nobody was allowed to get up in the middle of the night to pee or else they might be hunted.

The creature lived under Jacob’s bed, the farthest bed from the door. For those who occupied the beds nearest the door, and who were fleet footed, they managed to make it to the lavatory. Sometimes.

Billy Squire was the victim that night. A new boy and a sleep walker. The boys called his type A Midnight Snack. He lifted himself out of bed and wandered in circles. Easy prey. A grumbling hiss rolled out from under Jacob, his bed shaking as the creature sensed movement and tickled the air with its forked tongue.

The boys never spoke out, some feigned sleep, least the beast turn on them. Billy made it to the cookie jar in his dream when the creature unfolded itself and slithered out from underneath the bed, its barbed hairs snagging Jacob’s blankets and dragging them behind its oily body.

In one bite the creature grabbed Billy’s leg and dragged him back underneath the bed. As it ate, whoever had to pee, did.

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  1. Avatar Susanna Tait

    I love this! A clever mix between horror and humour!

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Great ending to a horrific scenario. Epic and humorous at once.

  3. Avatar Writearound

    Witty. A twist on what’s under the bed stories and who hasn’t as a child dreaded the full to bursting bladder at 3 am.

  4. Avatar The Night Angel

    Love it. Terrifying and hilarious all at once, and plays off multiple childhood fears that almost all of us have had in our youth.

  5. Avatar AnthonyTNT

    Yep. I remember dealing with these creatures as a child ;)

  6. Avatar E. Williams

    I will never get out of bed in the middle of the night. Again.

  7. Avatar Robert Quick

    Nicely done!