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Ms. Sweet, send Mr. Ruehl into my office

“Mr. Ruehl, Mr. Jacobs will see you now.”

Felix stands, grabs his pack and follows the receptionist’s pointing finger.

“There, third door on the left. Good luck!”

Good luck! still echoes in Felix’s ears as he enters Mr. Jacob’s office.

“Mr. Ruehl! Come in, take a seat, please!”

Felix starts to feel more confused. First the receptionist wishes him good luck! and now this guy treats his office like a living room. He prepares himself for a high pressure scam so decides to throw Mr. Jacobs off his game.

“Yo, what’s with the two?”

“You mean the two in TVT ²?, this is our second office. Let me guess, your next question is ‘What does TVT stand for’, correct?

“Well, as a matter of factly—

—Felix can I call you Felix? of course I can I just did before we continue I have one question: Do you own a gun and do you know how to use it?"

Felix opens his pack like it’s a picnic basket and takes back control of the interview: “Mr. Jacobs, that’s two questions.”

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  1. Avatar AnthonyTNT

    I like this! You’ve got some good suspense building. You went a total other direction than what I was expecting. I get a Quentin Tarrentino vibe reading it now. At first I was writing it from a goofy comedic viewpoint, although I had not brought the comedy in yet (The humor I had in mind was to be contained in the TVT name). I may write another sequel too, but I really the way this one sounds and where it seems to head.

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    A bit of a switch from the protagonist as eager for a paycheck, but it plays well enough, with an odd sort of feel to the whole situation that seems to fit nicely.

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