Fallen Angel

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Falling fast,
Moira was still failing to fly.
Hair flailing abaft, claws struggling against gravity, it was only luck that could aid a falling guardian, and that was not playing in God’s court today.

Hurtling towards vast grounds, only wings could stop a quickly approaching collision. But all too soon Moira was aground in a vacant world.
Apart from a saintly body, lush grass ran on for as far as a girl could hold in mind. No crowd, no family, only a land bound in a cloak of thick grass.

“Who calls this world native?”
Moira sat upright, moving individual grass swords between onyx claws.

Hours pass.

A cry now cracks this world’s constant calm.

Across plains, Moira spots a shadow bounding up and down the grassland, waving and howling such that it fills Moira’s aura, clattering around an orb of fuchsia and ruby tints. Moira puts a hand to it and soaks up its clamour.

Aid is an obligatory part of a Messenger’s duty.

This world, as all worlds do, asks for its savior.

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  1. Avatar 32 ^2

    Ctrl F and you will flush out a troop of 9 that fought valiantly for a right to play in your ficly.

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Strange and unnervingly poetic. Could be lots of things, but the visual makes me think of Moebius (obscure comic book type artist). Neat stuff and feels very solid despite the fantasy type elements.