Terence and the Tormaunt: Scrutiny

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He did not know if the Tormaunt was intelligent as the people he knew were intelligent, or only as a bright pet might be. They seemed to be in control of themselves, at least. Now that Terence had quit struggling, he actually felt a sense of relief and peace. Filled with a breathless expectancy, he watched the unfamiliar face and waited.
The Tormaunt’s questing eyes halted and their head gave a slight twist to the side. Their eyes widened and then narrowed; they had found something: that was all Terence could guess. His mind raced to recall anything that would be out of the ordinary there. He studied the Tormaunt’s gaze in an effort to identify where on his head they were looking. He did not know. The eyes seemed somehow too large for him to be able to determine just what they were focusing on. Terence could think of nothing on his body that would have given a person or an animal pause. He just wanted to watch and find out what would happen, now; he no longer had any sensation of dread.

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All the while, the plane of their face remained visible to Terence, who watched the Tormaunt’s face and luminous eyes with fascination ...

Terence and the Tormaunt: Restraint by As Large as Alone

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